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High-value products with a high gross margin

Our retail customers are well placed to cash in on the burgeoning food to go market.  The broad spectrum of products in The Brunch Box range means they can target both the breakfast and lunch crowd.  Offering appropiate selections at the correct times.  Also, there're always our healthy options for those who are conscious of carbs, sugars and fats.

After all, stocking our high quality, tasty food makes good business sense - it keeps customers on your premises for longer and increases other retail opportunities; it brings them back to shop with you again; and your business gets all the respect and goodwill generated by keeping customers satisfied.
Here's an overview of our retail range:
- Sandwiches- from entry level and standard, to deep filled and premium
- Rolls and baps
- Wraps
- Pasta, leaf and fruit salads
- Associated products - soft drinks, crisps, cakes and muffins

Food Service

Expertise in chilled and frozen foods

Our food service customers have very specific requirements that tend to include each of the following criteria:
- Bespoke product ranges and ingredients for coffee shops
- Consistency of product and service

Our ability to consistently meet the expectations of our food service customers, across both areas, has given us a 'best in class' reputation within this sector.  This means that as a food service customer, it is our job to handle your requirements in ways that are sustainable for both of us.
Here's an overview of our food service chilled range:
- Sandwiches - standard and premium wedges/squares and bloomers
- Sandwich platters
- Wraps, rolls, baguettes, filled croissants
- Pasta, leaf and fruit salads
- Paninis, focaccias, wraps, toasties, baguettes, pasta meals and breakfasts
- Third party products - muffins, scones and cakes

Our food service frozen range of ovenable and microwavable products includes toasties, wraps and baguettes.


Food products developed around the needs of your business

We are specialists in supplying and meeting the very specific needs of our customers in the travel sector.  In fact, with known supplier status for the aviation sector, we have all the security checks in place to supply passengers, crew, canteens and lounge areas within the airline sector.  The travel sector is evolving at a very significant rate.  Our role is to meet consumer demand for quality food.  We do this by tailoring specific products designed to fulfill each operator's requirements in terms of cost, quality and consistency.

It's all about innovation.  As a Brunch Box travel customer, our development team will work closely with you to produce great quality products that meet your needs and objectives.

We service all of the airports on the Island of Ireland.
Here's an overview of our food range for the travel sector:
- Sandwiches - square cut
- Toasties - packed in ovenable film
- Wraps
- Pasta salads
- Fruit salads
- Savoury snack selections
- Snack packs